Comics: not of the stand-up type

Ask Dr. Bernard
He will tell it to you.

Ask Dr. Bernard 2
The telephone rings and he answers it.

Ask Dr. Bernard 3
"What is your top recommendation on the menu?"

Ask Dr. Bernard 4
"What about, you know, a bonus?"

Bacon Quest
A computer game for children.

The Boardroom
Seriously, what else would this meeting be about?

The Boardroom Part II
This time, the boss has a question.

Cadillac Comics
First in a series of one.

Eat Some Potato Chips
A computer game for robots.

Coffee Time
He's a great guy, but...

Cretaceous Quest
A bit darker than the usual fare

The Fish
A lesson in morbidity.

The Hottub
Look closely for the three dimensional spheroids.

Introducing TWR Cola
Cheaper than a car accident.

The Hottub Part Two
The story has another aspect.
Luxury has a price.

Massage Parlour
You will never guess how it ends.

Kurt Cobain
Technology takes us back to old times.

The Roids
The Ancient Woodsman imparts some wisdom.

Sunny Days
It's always sunny around here.

Sunny Days 2
A vision for the future.

Sunny Days 3
He finally took the plunge.

Todd & Shawn
Yes, this is Todd Logan.

Two Carpenters at Work
Based on a true story.

Two Carpenters at Work again
Einstein was hella wrong.

Two Carpenters at Work some more
Four score and seven olde timey photos ago...

Two Carpenters Still at Work
A President's Day tribute.

Wooden Robot Comix, Part 1
Everybody's workin' for the weekend!

Wooden Robot Comix, Part 2
The unfortunate results of said weekend!

Wooden Robot Comix, Part 3
In which W.R. begins his training.

Wooden Robot Comix, Part 4
W.R. learns about the ding dong.

Wooden Robot Comix, Part 5
Mysteries of the ding dong explained.