Websites to examine upon exhausting our content here

The Stanford Chaparral
The nation's second longest running humor publication.

Wedding Towne
A description of this site would somehow detract from its brilliance. Just click and enjoy.

Have Bat Will Travel
Our friend Ev's blog about his decision to quit investment banking and play professional baseball in Europe.

The Coach Blog
Chuck's paean to Craig T. Nelson's erstwhile television sitcom.

Kasper Hauser
A fan-fucking-tastic sketch comedy group from San Francisco.

Our Feature Presentation
Liam acted. See the trailer.

Chris Onstad's brilliant daily comic strip.

The Sam Park Revue
Quality sketch comedy and video from our friends in New York.

MC Lars Horris
Just a white kid with a plastic jammy in his hand.

Penal Dysfunction
Our friend Brent's hillarious and eye-opening film about the American criminal justice system.

Space Squid
A deliciously content filled humor site from some friends of ours.

Killing My Lobster
San Francisco Bay Area sketch comedy institution. Working with them was an absolute delight.

Freeline Skates
These are the most graceful wheels to roll on pavement. Liam's cousin Ryan invented these skates.