Dr. James Henry Windibank's journal entry the first

8th April, 1838

These words mark the first from my journey to and through the Americas. It is with a sense of intrigue, adventure, and patronization of the American mind that I begin my voyage. I am writing upon these very pages as I sit in my single stateroom, having paid 50 guineas and eight shillings, aboard the right honorable and stout steamshippe Great Western. We set sail from Bristol but three hours ago. I would be lying if I did not say that I have been literally bowled-over-the-wicket at the awesome power and speed with which this craft is endowed. The steady hum and startling explosions that come from the engine compartment, along with our blinding speed of nearly two knots per hour, truly make cause for a stout huzzah to the scientific inventicles of King and Country.

Oh dear. I've done it again. QUEEN and Country. QUEEN. James, you must remember! It is so hard for me to move the Late King William IV out of my mind. I did so adore him, though he stood throned for a short time, he was a just and noble King. His complexion was like ambergris salve and his hair as grey as my father's judicial wigs. But alas, he has moved beyond this world.

I do not believe I can write anymore, for my eyes shed a tear for my late King as "Britannia" continues to be played by the on-board military band (as it has been since our departure). I shall retire to the saloon and refresh my tired blood with a phosphate. I have not the strength to hold the pen.

Oh Good King William! Oh!