Rejected Script From Some Stupid Film Festival

Shot: Harrison and Jennet sit in a poorly lit room decorated with modern art. The two of them look out the window at the rain. Harrison is smoking an American Spirit cigarette.

Harrison: The rain reminds me of our old life.

Jennet: A life you left behind.

Harrison: A life too good for you.

Jennet: Perhaps you were too good for it.

Harrison: We can't all be kings Jennet.

Jennet: But even the king makes mistakes.

Harrison: The king is just one man.

Jennet: So they say...

Harrison: (takes long drag from cigarette) This rain reminds me of when the two of us used to go out into the rain.

Jennet: I wish it would remind me of that.

Harrison: Sometimes you just have to let go.

Jennet: Letting go is the hardest part of giving up.

Harrison: Giving up is just the same as stopping trying.

Jennet: If only I could stop trying to try so hard.

Harrison: If only...

Jennet: (closes eyes, one single tear drops)

Harrison: Sometimes I wish I were the rain.

Jennet: (slowly opens eyes) Free like the watery rain that rains down on the rainless earth.

Harrison: That would be freedom, to be rainy and rain down on the earth as the rain.

Jennet: If only the rain could talk. What would it say?

Harrison: If I knew, then I would be as smart as the rain.

Jennet: The all-knowing rain that forever rains upon our rainless plains and conscience.

Harrison: The rain is like an old man.

Jennet: An old, sad crying man that cries big wet tears.

Harrison: Big, sobbing, wet rainy tears.

Jennet: Tears of rain.

Harrison: The rain is like an old sad man crying tears of rain. And those tears rain down on the Earth, like an old, watery man who has been crushed into millions of pieces and falls to the earth while crying his big wet rainy old man tears that are each like individual old wet men crying.

Long silence.

Jennet: I want to be the king of rain.

Harrison: The king of rain is wiser than I, and I cannot make you the king of rain. But I can cry my old man rain tears down on you.

Jennet: The king of rain is a watery old, crying man. If only he wasn't so rainy.

Harrison: If only... (closes eyes, single tear drops down cheek)

Fade out.

Shot: Fade in, the same room as before but now there is a very old man sitting between where Harrison and Jennet were sitting. He is crying.

Fade out.

Shot: Fade in, the same room as before, but now Harrison and Jennet have switched places. Jennet is smoking.

Fade out.