An Electronic Message

Beep.Beep.Beep.Beep.Beep.Beep.Beep. (seven times). 

Bring, Bring. 

WR: [Just waking up, clearing throat]  Hello? 

Noel: Hey dude, what's up.  It is Noel. 

WR:  Whoa, what is up dude?  How are you? 

Noel:  Good.  How about you? 

WR: Good.  I have been really-- 

Noel: (Beep) Wait W.R., I have another call.  Can you hold on for a minute? 

WR:  What?  Oh yeah, sure. 

Noel:  I was just kidding about that other call.  I actually made that sound myself. 

WR:  Oh. Okay. 

Noel: Hold on, now there really is someone else calling. 

WR:  Alright. 

Noel:  Hahaha.  I am just kidding I got you. 

WR:  It is weird that you are faking that you are getting phone calls and interrupting our conversation. 

Noel:  Weird like the Gettysburg address or rain in April? 

WR:  No, more like, weird because you have called me in the form of an email. 

Noel: :) 

WR:  I cannot see your smiley face over the phone. 

Noel:  Good call. 

WR:  Yeah, I know. 

Noel:  When are we hanging out? 

WR: How about if we go for coffee today at Cafe Verona and bring our work? 

Noel:  Sounds good.  See you at like 2pm.