The Stupidest NIGHT: Part 1

The Night I Did The Stupidest Thing: Part 1

A choose your own adventure

You are standing at a craps table at a middle-of-the-line Las Vegas casino. The theme of the casino, broadly, is neo-classical columns. It is a $10 table on a Saturday evening. A socioeconomically diverse group of people is standing around the table. Some people have been winning and some people have been losing. You, mostly, have been losing.

A group of nicely-dressed twenty somethings is standing at the other end of the table. They have one girl with them with a fancy dress and a necklace on, and she is with five dudes wearing suits and fashionably cut hair. One of the men has kind of wavy hair, the other one it is more combed, but they are all wearing suits. The suits look like they were purchased in a nice store. The girl's dress could have been purchased in a nice store too, besides it is cut so that it is lower in the middle than on the sides, kind of low in the middle.

It is about to be the wavy guy's turn to roll the dice. What should you do?

You saw the wavy guy with the girl earlier in the sports bar for lunch and you think they might have seen you looking at them.

A) bet on pass, and try to take odds if he rolls a 6 or an 8
B) bet on pass, and take full odds no matter what
C) bet on don't pass
D) talk to the girl

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