The Stupidest NIGHT: Part 2

The Night I Did The Stupidest Thing: Part 2

A choose your own adventure

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The girl laughs at something the wavy guy says and arches her head back in a way that makes her neck stick out just right. You seize the moment, and across the length of the table shout, "Hi! My name's Marcus." You seem to catch her off guard. She stops laughing, returns her head to its normal position, looks at you, and then turns and whispers something to the wavy guy. He laughs and smiles charmingly. You are beginning to think maybe he is her boyfriend.

The pit boss says it's time for bets and you put $10 on the pass line. The wavy guy rolls a five. You take full odds on the five, placing $40 behind the pass line. The girl squeezes the wavy guy's shoulder for good luck, and he immediately rolls a seven.

"Hey, you did that on purpose!" you yell across the table to the wavy guy. You are so furious that you consider throwing the rest of your chips ($210) at the wavy guy. The woman to your left takes her drink and leaves the table. All the suit people and girl are just sort of ignoring you. You are so aggravated that you want to quit altogether.

Suddenly, several things happen that change how the night is going for you. A cocktail waitress walks by and asks if you want a cocktail. You think that sounds pretty good, maybe to take the edge off some of the stress of gambling with such a bunch of assholes. You kind of feel like maybe a whisky, but you also know that this casino has really good beer. You turn away from the table to talk to the cocktail waitress, and you notice a small gaming table at the edge of the casino that you hadn't seen when you first came in.

The table seems to be configured for a game you have never played before. The dealer is a small man with very striking eyes, who instead of the standard dealer's uniform is wearing khakis and a safari hat. The game does not have any cards or dice, but instead only has chips, and some kind of chalice. No one is playing this game so far. You think you might be the only one in the casino who can see it.

A) Talk to the girl again.
B) Order a whisky.
C) Order a beer.
D) Play the mysterious game.

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