The Stupidest NIGHT: Part 3

The Night I Did The Stupidest Thing: Part 3

A choose your own adventure

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You decide a whisky sounds pretty good, so you tell the cocktail waitress you would like it on the rocks, and that you'll be over at the table at the corner. She shrugs and doesn't write down your order.

Laughing and just having a plain old good time, the group of dudes and the girl turn from the craps table and head towards the slot machines. You think that the girl is too skinny, now that you think about it.

Casually, you saunter over to the mysterious table, which you figure you'll just play till the whisky comes. The table is lower than the normal casino height, and is made of wood of exceptionally deep grain. The dealer raises his head towards you slowly, and you see a quick flash of red in his eyes as they emerge from behind the rim of his safari hat.

“Ah, excellent,” he whispers. “We have a gambler.”

You nod, swallow, and point to your chips.

“How much is it this time?” He looks at you with those eyes and you just want to gamble everything you have. All your money, all your pride, even your soul if you have to. You feel the slightest bit of regret for thinking that.

You feel your hands putting all your chips on the table and nudging them towards the circle carved into the wood where you assume bets go.

He picks up one of your chips and holds it close to the brim of his hat. As he examines it, you stammer. “Is $210, ok?”

He puts your chip down quickly. “Yes, is plenty. But you might want to save something with which to double down, if required.”

“Should I go to the ATM?” you ask.

He laughs and says, “Ah, first timer. No, no... in my game you cannot double down with money.” You realize, for the first time, that whatever that means, you kind of miss doubling down using money.

The man continues. “No, no, in this game, it is not about money. In my gambling, money is only the sign for the loss of so much else.”

Suddenly, a man in a cowbot hat with a briefcase walks up to the table and places his hand on your shoulder. He has an infectious grin, and looks you right in the eye, ignoring the dealer. “Son, I'll give you $100,000 to take your money off this man's table and walk away right now.” You turn in astonishment, but before you can say a thing, the dealer steals back your attention.

“He has already placed his bets!” hisses the dealer. He is beginning to seem more and more like a snake.

“Ah, but, little fella, the die has not touched the finger, so as the rules of the Game require, he has the option to remove all bets. You should know that.”

“Fie upon your treacherous dealmaking,” says the dealer.

“Do you two know each other?” you ask. You have a sinking suspicion that maybe they do.

“We have met on several occasion,” says the dealer, staring at the cowboy hat man. Then turning to you: “What will it be? Take this stranger's suitcase with all its promises, or be a gambler and play the game to which you cannot say no.”

A) Take the briefcase.
B) Play the game.

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